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September 15/16, 2018


September 8/9, 2018


Special Edition:
Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson


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Football player Colin Kaepernick

September 18th, 2018:
Kaepernick is no Jim Brown

“Jim Brown used his platform as a celebrity to help us find solutions to difficult problems. Colin Kaepernick and Nike would do well to follow Jim’s lead. No stunts. No protests. Just results.” [more]


Alan Alda

September 11th, 2018:
Alda the Communicator Comes to UNCG

“Alda pioneered a new role for TV hosts by helping scientists to communicate their work to viewers on a more human level. Now, his Center for Communicating Science has helped over 12,000 doctors and scientists improve their communications skills.” [more]


Topics on upcoming shows for July 2018

September 22nd / 23rd

  • Dental health tips
  • Voter registration info
  • News from UNCG
  • Cosmetic treatments

September 29th / 30th

  • Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
  • Anthropology museum
  • News from Randolph Community College


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