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ESPN broadcasters

May 4th, 2016:
Free Speech Versus Fired Speech

“The US Constitution only guarantees us the right of free speech insofar as governmental redress is concerned. So the Feds can’t arrest Curt Shilling for his tweets, and ESPN is free to muzzle him while he’s in their employ.” [more]

Bernie Sanders with Jesse Jackson, 1986

April 27th, 2016:
Bernie and the Black Vote

“Right now Hillary Clinton gets black votes, but Bernie Sanders actually gets black voters. It’s a shame black voters don’t get him.” [more]

2016 presidential candidates

April 20th, 2016:
Let’s Have a Three-Way

“I know this scenario is convoluted, but it would actually be a more democratic way of selecting a president than what we usually settle for (larger states having more say than smaller states, the imperial Electoral College overriding popular vote totals, etc).” [more]

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