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Knights of the Round Table

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Obama, confused

January 28th, 2015:
Obama’s State of Confusion Address

“Obama has bombed seven different countries—more than any other president in history—in the six years since he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaign rhetoric.” [more]

Obama and Carter as old men playing chess

January 21st, 2015:
The Legacy and Loot of Former Presidents

“Carter’s story inspired me to take a look back at what some other former Presidents have done (and are doing) in their retirement years.” [more]

Barbara hall

January 14th, 2015:
Barbara Hall: Madam Multi Tasker

“Barbara Hall is a lecturer, a dedicated Mom and one of the most successful producers of primetime dramas since the millennium began.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows this month

January 31st / February 1st:
A salute to Diversity in the Triad


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