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April 4/5, 2020


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Senator Richard Burr

April 8, 2020:
“Getting ‘Woke’ to Burr’s Greed”

“When Richard Burr went to Washington, he took his turn at the feeding trough, enriching himself at the expense of his constituents. In doing so repeatedly, Burr has forced me at times to use unflattering words to describe him. Words like “greedy”, and “corrupt”. But his latest transgression makes even those words seem inadequate.”


Logos of WXII, WGHP and WFMY TV stations

April 1, 2020:
“TV Stations Still on the Job Despite Virus”

“Each day as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to grow and claim lives, our local television stations keep us abreast of the latest developments, including ever-changing guidelines and closings, as well as ways to protect ourselves. It is a daunting task because those who gather and report the news must do so while putting themselves at risk.”


Ballot box

March 24, 2020:
“In the Public Interest”

“Prior to the start of Trump’s impeachment trial, all 100 senators had to stand and swear an oath that they, as jurors, would be impartial. But nearly every US senator had already gone on record as having either supported or opposed removing the President from office. That means those senators deliberately lied and violated the oath they swore to.”


Topics on upcoming shows for April 2020

April 11th / 12th

  • Managing stress and anxiety during the pandemic
  • News from Trellis
  • Spring gardening
  • Taking precautions to keep seniors safe


April 18th / 19th

  • UNCG School of Nursing
  • Coltrane Jazz Festival
  • Understanding child support payments
  • Horse rescue


April 25th / 26th

  • Teens driving safe and sober
  • Public art projects
  • Tourism
  • Helping hospice


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