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Knights of the Round Table

Triad Today’s “Knights of the Round Table”

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Adrian Peterson

September 24th, 2014:
“NFL Scandal is Everybody’s Problem”

“There are a number of collateral issues to these spouse and child abuse scandals that only serve to delay, impede, and prevent any punitive action or substantive reform: greed, denial, and enabling.” [more]

Oxycodone regulation

September 17th, 2014:
“War on Drugs is a Painful Failure”

“If Will Rogers were alive today, I’m sure he would say, ‘The Drug War is like Prohibition. It’s a good idea, but it won’t work.’” [more]

Eric Cantor

September 10th, 2014:
“Foxes in the Congressional Henhouse”

“Congress continues to turn a blind eye to the practice of revolving door power brokering. In fact, today, 50% of all retiring Congressmen now go on to become lobbyists. That compares with just 3% in 1974.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows this month

September 27th / 28th:

  • Salute to Goodwill Industries




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