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June 16/17, 2018


Special Edition:
Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson


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NC state senator Trudy Wade as a squawking parrot

June 19th, 2018:
Trudy Wade’s “Enemies” Are Fighting Back

“Senator Trudy Wade can try and justify targeting Guilford County newspapers, but it is painfully obvious to the rest of us that she used her power and influence for revenge.” [more]


Bill Cosby in 2018

June 12th, 2018:
No More “Dr.” Cosby

“Professor Brittney Cooper of Rutgers University told the AP, “There’s an on-going conversation about ‘can we love the art, and dismiss or disavow the artist?’ But we have to stop deciding that art is a reasonable spoil of war, that we will ignore all the casualties. We can’t separate Cosby from his art.” I tend to agree with her.” [more]


Actress Roseanne Barr

June 5th, 2018:
Roseanne and the Blame Game

“I think we would have more tolerance for troubled individuals if they would just come clean in the first place, instead of playing the blame game.” [more]


Topics on upcoming shows for January 2018


June 23rd / 24th

  • News from Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
  • Caring for seniors
  • Upcoming shows at High Point Theatre


June 30th / July 1st

  • Understanding workers comp
  • The need for foster care
  • Health tips from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


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