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March 2/3, 2019


Special Edition:
Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson


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Children look through the wall on the US-Mexico border

March 12, 2019:
Yes, the Border Crisis is Real

“As the old saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Trump might be an incompetent, misogynistic, lying man-child, but he’s right that we have a crisis at our southern border.”


Female super hero in a mask

March 5, 2019:
Wonder Women of Triad Today

“A couple of weeks ago, YESWeekly told me an upcoming issue was going to salute Wonder Women of the Triad, and asked if I would participate. So I decided to recognize just a few of the many thousands of ladies who have appeared on my Triad Today television program.”


Danville River Mills, in better times

February 26, 2019:
A Casino in Danville is No Gamble

“The combination of NAFTA and the late-2000s recession had a devastating effect on cities whose economy depended upon textile, automotive, and furniture plants. Danville, Virginia was particularly hard hit, with the closure of Dan River Mill, loss of tobacco jobs, and a decline in rail traffic. Now, Danville has an opportunity to bounce back big time.”


Topics on upcoming shows for March 2019

March 23rd / 24th

  • Recognizing Salem College
  • Hospice fundraising 5k run
  • Philanthropy by young people
  • Foster care and adoptions


March 30th / 31st

Report from Congress

  • Guests: Rep. Ted Budd and Rep. Mark Walker


Topics on upcoming shows for March 2019

April 6th / 7th

  • Orthopaedic surgery options
  • News from Alamance Community College
  • Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

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