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Flooding in Port Arthur, Texas, from Hurricane Harvey

September 19th, 2017:
Time to Talk About Hurricanes

“With all due respect to those who have lost loved ones in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, now is PRECISELY the time to talk about why people put themselves in harm’s way, and why taxpayers keep paying for clean-up and restoration of homes and businesses.” [more]

Illustration of upset woman

September 12th, 2017:
Alienation of Affection Law Must Go

“Let his wife take him to the cleaners in divorce court. Allowing an angry wife to collect millions of dollars from a mistress is just plain wrong, and essentially condones extortion.” [more]

Promotional image for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor bout

September 5th, 2017:
Boxing Match a Sad Social Commentary

“A boxing match took place between a wife beater and a racist, and millions of Americans paid to watch it. In so doing, those millions of Americans tacitly condoned the physical abuse and hate speech that these two so-called men have committed on a regular basis.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows

September 23rd / 24th

  • Workforce development from Randolph Community College
  • Community grants from Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
  • United Way of Forsyth promotes community initiatives
  • Richard Petty Foundation fundraiser

Sept. 30th / Oct. 1st

Voter Education Special: High Point City Council races


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