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Knights of the Round Table

Triad Today’s “Knights of the Round Table”

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Trump's Swamp

December 6th, 2016:
Trump’s Swamp Quickly Refilling

“Lincoln enlisted his political enemies in the fight to protect our union and emancipate slaves—who also happened to be the “strongest men” for the job. Can we say the same about Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees? The answer is ‘No.’” [more]

Hillary Looking Sad

November 29th, 2016:
Why Democrats Lost the White House

“Ask a diverse group of ten people why Hillary Clinton lost the election, and you’ll probably get ten different answers. Not surprisingly, all ten would probably be correct.” [more]

Roy Cooper

November 22nd, 2016:
JFK and the First Thanksgiving

“The story begins on December 4, 1619, the day 38 English settlers from the London Company navigated their ship down the James River to Berkeley Hundred, near Jamestown. Captain John Woodlief ordered a day of Thanksgiving to be observed, and every December 4 thereafter.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows

December 10th / 11th

  • Triad Buy Local campaign
  • Crumley Roberts Kids Zone activities
  • News from Inmar
  • Hospice fund raising

December 17th / 18th

  • Daggett Shuler advises on staying safe after holiday parties
  • UNCG Chancellor Franklin Gilliam gives year review
  • Goodwill job services
  • News from the Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce

December 24th / 25th

  • A Salute to Sports Legends who have appeared on Triad Today over the years

December 31st / January 1st

  • A report on the state of public education in North Carolina

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