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June 18/19, 2022


June 11/12, 2022


June 4/5, 2022


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June 7, 2022:
“Taxes and Bonds and Schools, Oh My!”

Cartoon drawing of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton holding a copy of the Federalist Papers“For the most part, it has been up to voters in each county to decide when and how we should float bonds and spend taxpayer dollars on local school projects. And that brings me to last month’s school bond referendum in Guilford County’”


May 31, 2022:
“Our Children Are Massacred… AGAIN”

Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas after the May 24 shooting“Yes, we need tougher gun laws, thorough background checks, a higher minimum purchasing age, comprehensive mental health screenings, better communication among law enforcement agencies. But reforms of any kind take time, so what we need right now is better school security.’”


Greensboro Coliseum Complex managing director Matt Brown

May 24, 2022:
“Gun Shows Paid Not to Show”

“Paying someone NOT to do something is always problematic, and amounts to self-inflicted extortion. But the City of Greensboro isn’t being extorted by the gun promoter. Instead they offered him a fat paycheck when Matt Brown pointed a gun at his own head and said, “Please take our money.””


soon-to-be-former North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn

May 17, 2022:
“Burr, Meadows, Cawthorn a Disgrace”

“Over the past two years, Senator Richard Burr, former Congressman Mark Meadows, and Congressman Madison Cawthorn have set dangerous precedents for how politicians in our state should comport themselves. Their transgressions have been egregious, bordering on criminal and treasonous.”


Topics on upcoming shows for June 2022

June 11/12

  • Hometown revitalization grants
  • When to visit the Emergency Department
  • Summer activities for students
  • Continuing education at GTCC


June 18/19

  • Hiking safety
  • Grief camp for kids
  • Support for kids’ physical fitness
  • New Critical Care tower


June 25/26

  • AARP news
  • Miracle Heights Adventures
  • Grants for new businesses
  • Spotlight on Triad Goodwill


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