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a football referee wearing a COVID-19 face mask, giving the hand gesture indicating a face mask penalty

June 23, 2020:
“The Great Face Mask Debate”

“‘The Centers for Disease Control is crystal clear on this matter: the agency advises all Americans to wear face masks. But not everyone agrees that masks are the best way to keep the pandemic under control. The World Health Organization, for example, still does not recommend mandatory wearing of face masks because they say there is no definitive proof that masks prevent infection.”


The Confederate memorial statue in Winston-Salem

June 16, 2020:
“Statues Shouldn’t be Scapegoats”

“I have no personal stake in Confederate monuments, so I’m OK with relocating them to appropriate museums and cemeteries. Meanwhile, unarmed black men are still being murdered. We do need to start erecting statues to honor African American leaders, but if we really want things to change, then we must initiate substantive reforms in policing.”


The Twitter bird symbol with its head replaced with Donald Trump’s head

June 9, 2020:
“Trump Twitter Wars Both Bad and Good”

“There’s no doubt about it. Donald Trump tweets some nasty things about people. He also uses Twitter to fire people and fire up people. Trump uses Twitter a lot. The problem is that nearly everything Trump tweets is either untrue or inflammatory. Independent fact-checking sources tell us that since taking office, Donald Trump has told in excess of 15,000 lies.”


An all-blue GOP elephant symbol

June 2, 2020:
“Republicans for Biden”

“‘The Republican Party under Trump has completely lost its way in the kind of fundamental principles that folks like me have believed in over the course of our lives.’ So says former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr, and he is actively participating in a movement to block Trump from a second term in office.”


Topics on upcoming shows for July 2020

July 4th / 5th

  • Adult high school
  • Beat the Heat Virtual 5K


July 11th / 12th

  • Understanding plea bargaining
  • Randolph Community College president Dr. Robert S. Shackleford, Jr.


July 18th / 19th

  • Salute to Goodwill Industries of northwest NC


July 25th / 26th

  • Salute to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


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