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April 14/15, 2018


April 7/8, 2018


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Shoppers at a mall during holidays

April 17th, 2018:
The Mall is for All (Who Behave)

“Law-abiding teens should enjoy the same freedoms as law-abiding seniors, no matter what time of day they gather at the mall.” [more]

TV producer Steven Bochco

April 10th, 2018:
Steven Bochco: TV Innovator

“How many authors can say that they were edited by Steven Bochco? His notes made me a better writer, and a more thorough researcher, and for that I will always be grateful.” [more]

Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton and Trump

April 3rd, 2018:
Adultery is Illegal…Sort of

“American men who commit adultery are lucky to be living in a country where their crime isn’t treated as a crime, and where their spouses tend to throw lawsuits at them, rather than rocks.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows for January 2018

April 21st / 22nd

  • Caring for seniors
  • Workforce development
  • News from UNC Greensboro

April 28th / 29th

    Voter Education Special, with Congressman Mark Walker


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