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Blacked-out examples of revenge porn

March 21st, 2017:
The Naked Truth About Naked Selfies

“If you don’t want to cause a wreck on the highway, don’t text while driving. If you don’t want your house broken into, don’t tell everyone on social media you’re leaving for vacation. And PLEASE, if you don’t want nude photos of yourself showing up all over the internet, don’t take, or let anyone else take, nude photos of yourself.” [more]

Actor Bill Paxton

March 14th, 2017:
Remembering Bill Paxton

“Someone once wrote, ‘Flowers will wilt and tears will dry, but love lives on in reverent memory.’ Now, I hear Bill Paxton speaking those words to me again, only this time, the tears are for him.” [more]

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (black-and-white)

March 7th, 2017:
GOP Health Plan a Sick Joke?

“Why would any politician want to help bankrupt a family because they can’t afford premiums or procedures? Because they are beholden to insurance companies for donations.” [more]

Actor William Daniels

Special Interview Commentary:
William Daniels Tells All in New Book

“In real life, the man behind St. Elsewhere‘s Dr. Mark Craig and the voice of Knight Rider‘s KITT is a quiet, private individual who is baffled by his own success. So what finally made Bill Daniels write a book about Bill Daniels?” [more]

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March 25th / 26th

  • Rob Davis and the River Run Film Festival
  • Mo Green and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
  • Goodwill Ability Services
  • Winston-Salem Chamber Young Professionals

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