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November 10/11, 2018


November 3/4 2018


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Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson


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President Trump during press conference

November 13th, 2018:
Press Boycott Might Throw Trump Over the Edge

“Donald Trump is the worst kind of narcissist and he thrives on attention, so my advice to the press corps is, just stop covering him. Don’t videotape him in meetings, don’t interview him or any of his staff, and don’t publish any information emanating from the White House.”


Drawing of a gun on a blackboard

November 6th, 2018:
Kids and Guns: The Crisis Grows

“We still need to ban assault weapons, restrict the sale of guns with comprehensive background checks, increase the wait time between application and purchase, and restrict the sale of ammunition. But even then, a kid can still get his hands on a loaded gun by borrowing or stealing one.”


Ballot box

October 30th, 2018:
Boot Wade, Keep BJ, Budd, Walker

“The last mid-term election we had was in 2014, and in that year, only 46% of registered North Carolinians turned out to vote, as compared to the 2016 election, when 67% of voters showed up at the polls. In the end, my opinions might not count for much, but your vote does, so please show up and be counted next Tuesday.”


Topics on upcoming shows for October 2018

November 17th / 18th

  • War on obesity
  • Triad tourism
  • Upcoming performances at High Point Theatre
  • News from Alamance Community College


November 24th / 25th

  • Center for Economic Mobility
  • Industry interns
  • Plastic surgery procedures
  • The Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust


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