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Knights of the Round Table

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Vladimir Putin

January 17th, 2017:
“Hacking” vs. “Cracking”

“In the 1950s Senator Joe McCarthy led us to believe that there was a commie behind every bush. Old Joe would feel right at home in Washington these days.” [more]

Twitter logo with Trump's hair

January 10th, 2017:
The Commander-in-Tweet

“The liberal media complain that the next president shouldn’t govern by social media, but what’s really bothering them is how they feel their power slipping away, because Donald Trump likes to communicate directly with the people.” [more]

Late-night comedian Seth Meyers

January 3rd, 2017:
Late-Night Lefties Losing Sense of Humor

“Johnny Carson’s political jokes were funny and never mean-spirited, but the current crop of late night comedians can’t seem to grasp or embrace those standards. The “late-night lefties” have increasingly lost their sense of humor, decorum, objectivity, and fairness.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows

January 21st / 22nd

  • Spotlight on “Business High Point”
  • Job training from Randolph Community College
  • Daggett Shuler community outreach

January 28th / 29th
“Diversity Special” featuring:

  • Civil Rights Museum
  • Dudley Beauty Products
  • Winston-Salem Urban League
  • Minority scholarships
  • Winston-Salem State University

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