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Knights of the Round Table

Triad Today’s “Knights of the Round Table”

Triad Today Commentaries

Richard Petty and Ricky Proehl

December 17th, 2014:
“Petty and Proehl: Philanthropic Partners”

Thanks to Steve Hutchinson of Hutchinson Family Office, two sports icons, NASCAR legend Richard Petty and two-time Super Bowl winner Ricky Proehl, and their respective foundations have joined forces to help kids and their families during the holidays. [more]

Charles Barkley

December 10th, 2014:
“Charles Barkley: The Voice of Reason?”

Charles Barkley put a controversial spin on the Ferguson situation: “Those aren’t black people, they’re scumbags. There’s no excuse for people to be out there burning down people’s businesses.” Barkley makes a good point. [more]

Bill Cosby in September 2014

December 3rd, 2014:
“God, Cronkite, and Bill Cosby”

These alleged rapes, pay-offs, and cover-ups reveal a side of Bill Cosby that the general public never knew. But how could they? For decades, Cosby set himself up as our moral compass…always criticizing others for bad behavior, even though his own was far worse. [more]

Topics on upcoming shows this month

December 20th / 21st:
Healthcare special

December 27th / 28th:
Western Film Fair special (part one), with:

  • Johnny Crawford (The Rifleman)
  • Jon Provost (Lassie)

January 3rd / 4th:
Western Film Fair special (part two), with:

  • Parker Stevenson (Hardy Boys & Baywatch)
  • Joyce DeWitt (Three’s Company)

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