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November 16/17, 2019


November 9/10, 2019


November 2/3, 2019:
Special with Representatives Mark Walker and Ted Budd


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Fur protesters at a rally in San Francisco

November 12, 2019:
“North Carolina Should Adopt California Fur Ban”

“Last month, California became the first state to ban the sale of animal fur products. I just wish our North Carolina lawmakers would follow California’s example. After all, Berger and company should at least be more concerned with protecting animals than they are with protecting gerrymandered districts.”


Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz

November 5, 2019:
“Congressional Hearings Aren’t Really Hearings”

“Rocky Balboa, in the movie Creed, said it best: ‘You can’t learn anything when you’re talking.’ That bit of wisdom should be inscribed on a large plaque at the entrance to every hearing room in the United States Capitol.”


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October 29, 2019:
“Budd & Walker to Appear on Triad Today

“On October 9, while on break from their duties in D.C., Congressmen Ted Budd and Mark Walker stopped by the studio to tape a special edition of Triad Today, which will air this weekend.”


Topics on upcoming shows for November 2019

November 23rd / 24th

  • YMCA Mistletoe Run
  • Project Re-entry
  • Strategic success for students
  • Hospice medical care


November 30th / December 1st

  • Treating hand injuries
  • News from UNCG
  • Promoting the Triad
  • Upcoming concerts


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