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September 14/15, 2019


September 7/8, 2019


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September 17, 2019:
“A New Kind of Voter Suppression”

“Now a whole new kind of voter suppression has reared its ugly head, and it has the potential to affect a wider population than any political maneuver we’ve ever seen before. As of last week, the Republican party in at least four states announced they will suspend their 2020 presidential primaries and caucuses… so that party officials can meet behind closed doors and award all of their convention delegates to Donald Trump.”


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September 10, 2019:
“Primary Voters Could Deny Trump a Second Term”

“Some Democrats are waiting for the Southern District of New York to run Trump out of office, and other Democrats are content to just see what happens next November, but that’s way too risky. If Democrats really want to rid the nation of Trump, they don’t have to wait until next fall, they just have to play hardball ahead of the primaries. Here’s how.”


Topics on upcoming shows for September 2019

September 21st / 22nd

  • Employment for blind persons
  • Action4Equity
  • Caring for Children
  • Community events


September 28th / 29th

  • News from Randolph Community College
  • Assisted living for seniors
  • Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
  • Woods of Terror


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