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Transgender restroom sign

May 18th, 2016:
Titles VII and IX Misapplied to HB2

“Eventually this mess would have been sorted out, but instead of waiting for the courts to resolve the matter, President Obama poured fuel on the fire by directing his Attorney General to start issuing threats.” [more]

ESPN broadcasters

May 11th, 2016:
28 Pages of Terror

“Bush doubled down on The Iraq War, and eventually over 6,000 American soldiers were needlessly killed, along with over one million innocent Iraqi men, women, and children who the ‘Fool Me’ man considered collateral damage.” [more]

ESPN broadcasters

May 4th, 2016:
Free Speech Versus Fired Speech

“The US Constitution only guarantees us the right of free speech insofar as governmental redress is concerned. So the Feds can’t arrest Curt Shilling for his tweets, and ESPN is free to muzzle him while he’s in their employ.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows

May 21st / 22nd

  • Winston Salem tourism
  • Data Bill of Rights
  • summer insurance tips
  • Willie Mason community concert

May 28th / 29th

  • Improvements scheduled for I-40
  • New offerings from UNCG
  • Philanthropy news from the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro

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