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Knights of the Round Table

Triad Today’s “Knights of the Round Table”

Triad Today Commentaries

Thom Tillis

February 25th, 2015:
Washing Our Hands of Thom Tillis

“What’s really frightening about uninformed statements made by elected officials, is that stupid remarks like those by Thom Thillis can help to form public policy.” [more]

Brian Williams and Jon Stewart

February 18th, 2015:
Anchors Away

“Jon Stewart is leaving a job that paid him millions to make up stories, while Brian Williams is being removed from a job that pays him millions to report the truth. Somewhere along the way, Stewart became the more trusted of the two men.” [more]

Sex Box (TV program)

February 11th, 2015:
SeXBox 360

“Leaving something to the imagination is what my generation loved about sex on TV and in the cinema. And perhaps that’s what Billy Crystal meant when he alluded to programs that push the boundaries a bit too far.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows this month

February 28th / March 1st:
Encore Presentation of “Salute to Diversity”


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