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Knights of the Round Table

Triad Today’s “Knights of the Round Table”

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Actor Mike Connors

February 14th, 2017:
Remembering Mike Connors

“Here’s Mike Connors for you: No ego, no professional jealousy, no turf to protect. He exuded strength, and was devoid of pretense. He was also pretty direct, and eternally optimistic.” [more]

Bill Clinton at the 1995 State of the Union address

February 7th, 2017:
Give Us Your Tired, Your Terrorists

“On January 28, 325,000 people attempted to land in America from foreign countries. Only 109 of them were detained for extensive questioning, while some 60,000 visas were lifted, with the proviso that DHS could issue waivers for military personnel and other legitimate travelers. Trump’s order created chaos in several airports.” [more]

Richard Burr

January 31st, 2017:
Burr Should Be Ashamed

“When a US senator’s votes are compromised, he must either recuse himself or resign. Earlier this month, Senator Burr should have recused himself when he voted against an important healthcare bill. Instead he dishonored himself.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows

February 18th / 19th

  • Ridge Care Assisted Living
  • News from Winston-Salem State University
  • Inmar and community involvement

February 25th / 26th

  • Wedding insurance
  • News from UNC Greensboro
  • High Point Chamber promotes growth

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