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April 13/14, 2019


April 6/7, 2019


Congressional special with Reps. Mark Walker and Ted Budd;
March 30/31, 2019


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Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson


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Billy Crash Craddock on the set of Triad Today

April 16, 2019:
“Crash” Craddock to Perform at High Point Theatre

“Greensboro native and ’50s country-rock star Billy “Crash” Craddock headlined a special show in the summer of 2016 at High Point Theatre. On April 27, he returns for a much-awaited encore performance.”


Former vice president Joe Biden

April 9, 2019:
#MeToo Could Lead to Trump 2

“Last week, Gloria Steinem said, ‘I think women are more than smart enough to know that Joe Biden is who he is, and hugs everybody.’ Steinem is correct. It would be a shame if the latest complaints against Biden forced him to exit the presidential race before he even enters it, possibly handing Donald Trump the keys to the Oval Office for another four years.”


Actor Johnny Crawford in 2018

April 2, 2019:
Child Stars Paying it Forward

“Today at age 73, Johnny Crawford’s memory has been significantly diminished by Alzheimer’s, and the care he receives is expensive. So his friend and fellow child star Paul Petersen, along with members of Petersen’s support organization A Minor Consideration, started a GoFundMe campaign to lessen the financial burden.”


Topics on upcoming shows for March 2019

April 20th / 21st

  • News from UNC Greensboro
  • Caring for orphaned children
  • Plastic surgical services
  • Workforce development


April 27th / 28th

  • Local tourism
  • Supporting Hospice
  • Winston-Salem State University graduation
  • Daggett Shuler community service

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