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Knights of the Round Table

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October 15th, 2014:
“The ‘UNCG Three’ Deserve No Sympathy”

“I can no longer sit back and let the News & Record and a few disgruntled UNCG staffers criticize the administration and make martyrs out of three university employees who got caught doing something they shouldn’t have done.” [more]

Obama with a dopey look on his face

October 8th, 2014:
“Obama a Failure at Governing”

“Former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder once wrote, “Getting elected and getting things done for the people are two different things.” Well, Obama knew how to get elected, but he still hasn’t a clue about how to govern.” [more]

NC School of the Arts

October 1st, 2014:
“School of the Arts Weaves a Tangled Web(site)”

“For a taxpayer-supported institution to pass over local, qualified companies, and to make such a large expenditure in the midst of a budget crunch, is a major public relations blunder.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows this month

October 25th / 26th:

  • Special half-hour conversation with Governor Pat McCrory




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