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November 24/25 2018


November 17/18 2018


November 10/11, 2018


Special Edition:
Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson


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Ballot box

December 4th, 2018:
Voter ID is Not Voter Suppression

“Last week, senators met inside the Capitol to flesh out details of SB 824, while outside, about a hundred people gathered to protest photo voter ID. Its passage would bring us more in line with 30 other states, including 17 who specifically require a photo ID when voting.”


A salamander crawling on a map of North Carolina's 13th District

November 27th, 2018:
Gerrymandering Doesn’t Always Succeed

“The problem is that in most gerrymandered districts, North Carolina Democrats and independents don’t all get energized at the same time over the same issues, which explains why even though Democrats accounted for nearly half of the popular vote, Republicans still retained 10 of our 13 congressional seats.”


President John F. Kennedy

November 20th, 2018:
JFK and the First Thanksgiving

“Presidents are only human, so they make mistakes. No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about John Kennedy, and how he misread history and unintentionally insulted the Commonwealth of Virginia.”


Topics on upcoming shows for December 2018

December 8th / 9th

  • New leadership center opens
  • UNCG promotes the arts
  • A center for entrepreneurs


December 15th / 16th

  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Donating to Goodwill
  • Helping Hospice help others
  • Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation


December 22nd / 23rd

    Encore presentation of conversation with the Rev. Jesse Jackson


December 29th / 30th

    A salute to UNCG (year in review)


Topics on upcoming shows for January 2019

January 5th / 6th

    A salute to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


January 12th / 13th

  • A new health care clinic
  • Keeping kids safe
  • Upcoming performances at High Point Theatre


January 19th / 20th

  • Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough
  • Caring for foster children
  • Spotlight on Randolph Community College
  • Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust


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