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A portion of a newspaper headline

July 28, 2020:
“Rely on Newspapers, Not Social Media”

“‘It is no surprise that social media sites “have surpassed print newspapers as a news source for Americans.” According to Forbes, nearly 65% of internet users receive breaking news from social media. But aside from the declining number of newspapers and the jobs lost as a result, the thing that should concern us most is accuracy and accountability.”


A portion of a newspaper headline

July 21, 2020:
“Time to Strengthen Fireworks Laws”

“‘Last month came a ray of hope when most North Carolina localities cancelled their annual fireworks displays due to COVID-19. But my elation was short-lived when I realized that a decrease in municipal fireworks would just mean an increase in private celebrations. Sure enough, on July 4th people all over the Triad started firing rockets into the sky, making eardrum-bursting sounds akin to cannon fire, and my family didn’t feel patriotic, we felt violated. Pardon my French, but this $#!+ has got to stop.”


North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper

July 14, 2020:
“Are Governors Abusing Their Powers?”

“‘Back when Virginia Governor Doug Wilder served as chairman of the Southern Governors Association, I was struck by how transparent and cooperative the governors were, especially given that the Association’s membership represented chief executives who hailed from both political parties. If only we had the likes of Wilder to help us through the COVID pandemic now.”


Actor Robert Wagner in 1977

July 7, 2020:
“Happy Anniversary, R.J.!”

“‘In the summer of 1977, I was in a Century City hotel to tape interviews with network stars; one included Robert Wagner, promoting his CBS drama Switch. In the years since, I came to realize that R.J.’s elegance, charm, and kindness were 100% genuine. For example, 30 years after our first meeting, he flew to Winston-Salem to help our Humane Society raise money. This year, R.J. turned a youthful 90, and this summer, he celebrates his 70th year in show business. Recently, we had a phone conversation about his remarkable career.”


Topics on upcoming shows for August 2020

August 8th / 9th

  • Minority Business Expo
  • The Importance of getting a second opinion for cancer treatment
  • Families and hospice
  • University helps elementary students


August 15th / 16th

  • Charity fundraiser
  • COVID and the Arts
  • News from INMAR


August 22nd / 23rd

  • Skills training classes
  • Legal tips
  • New courses at community college
  • Land conservation


August 29th / 30th

  • Encore presentation “A Salute to Richard Petty”


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