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Knights of the Round Table

Triad Today’s “Knights of the Round Table”

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Final issue of Life With Archie

July 23rd, 2014:
“Archie Andrews (1941-2014) R.I.P.”

“Now Archie is dead, and a part of every baby boomer fan has died too. Shame on Jon Goldwater for sullying our childhood memories, and causing an unnecessary death in the family.” [more]

Brad and Britt Show logo

July 16th, 2014:
“Brad and Britt On (In) Demand”

“There have been some memorable comedy duos in the history of radio… Burns & Allen, Abbott & Costello, Bob & Ray. But only North Carolina’s Brad Krantz and Britt Whitmire have augmented their comedy with discussions on topical issues.” [more]

Johnny Crawford

July 9th, 2014:
“The Sterilization Shell Game”

“Elaine Riddick told me that she had been raped twice in her life: once when she was 13, at the hands of a man who threatened to kill her, and again by the State of North Carolina, which sterilized her and labeled her a promiscuous, feeble-minded drain on society.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows this month

July 26th / 27th:
Western Film Fair celebrity special featuring:

  • Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman
  • Parker Stevenson from The Hardy Boys and Baywatch
  • Jon Provost (Timmy from Lassie)
  • Joyce DeWitt from Three’s Company
  • Piper Laurie from Carrie




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