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January 18/19, 2020


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shape of a handgun inside the shape of North Carolina

January 21, 2020:
“Gunfight at the Piedmont Corral”

“God did not write the Second Amendment, so let’s stop invoking God’s name in order to justify passage of moot resolutions designed to grab headlines, when our time would be better spent lobbying for tougher gun laws designed to save lives.”


a missile launcher

January 14, 2020:
“Lies, War, and Collateral Damage”

“Trump said Iran’s General Soleimani was planning an ‘imminent’ attack on our embassy in Baghdad, so our he ordered his assassination by missile strike. Soleimani’s murder didn’t happen in a vacuum, and innocent lives were lost as a result. Friends and loved ones of those victims are now left to mourn and wonder why the tragedy occurred. So are the rest of us.”


Allegiant Stadium, future home of the Las Vegas Raiders, under construction

January 7, 2020:
“Banking on the Poor”

“It’s the age-old irony that banks only lend money to people who already have money; the rich keep getting richer. So if Trump’s proposed changes to the Community Reinvestment Act are enacted, then Oregon Senator Ron Wyden’s warning that ‘There [will be] no safeguards to ensure taxpayers are not simply subsidizing handouts for billionaires’ will be, pardon the expression, right on the money.”


Topics on upcoming shows for January 2020

January 25th / 26th

  • Paramedic training
  • Diet fads
  • Congressional candidate Laura Pichardo
  • Congressional candidate Lee Haywood


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