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April 27, 2021:
“Vaccines, Passports, and the Herd”

A COVID-19 vaccination shot being administered“There’s good news and bad news in the war on COVID-19. The good news is that millions of adults have already been vaccinated; about 26% of the population. The bad news is that only 11% of Hispanics and 9% of blacks have been vaccinated thus far, and over 37% of total respondents to a Pew Research Center study say they will never get vaccinated. If that number holds, we may never reach herd immunity.”


Illustration of upset woman

April 20, 2021:
“Alienation of Affection Law Must Go”

“Let his wife take him to the cleaners in divorce court. Allowing an angry wife to collect millions of dollars from a mistress is just plain wrong, and essentially condones extortion.”


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April 13, 2021:
“Mountain Valley Hospice Expands Services”

“Mountain Valley has cared for over 20,000 hospice patients since opening its first office 37 years ago. Today their service area includes 18 counties in North Carolina and Virginia, and earlier this month, the agency opened an office in Winston-Salem.”


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