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Knights of the Round Table

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Pulse nightclub in Orlando

June 15th, 2016:
PC President Enabled Orlando Massacre

“Following 9/11, some pundits proffered that we had brought the attacks on ourselves after decades of government interference in Middle East culture wars. Instead of heeding those warnings, President Bush doubled down and invaded Iraq.” [more]

Project 21 logo

June 8th, 2016:
Black Ire Matters

“The needle hasn’t moved much for African American membership in the GOP. Ironically that dynamic may now be changing, thanks to a bone-headed power move by our nation’s first black president.” [more]

NC congressional districts with musical chairs

June 1st, 2016:
Congressional Primaries Like Musical Chairs

“I encourage everyone to get out and vote next Tuesday. If nothing else, it will be a lot of fun to watch 30 adults scrambling to occupy six congressional chairs once the music stops.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows

June 18th / 19th

  • Kids for Kids Triathlon
  • Goodwill’s CEO
  • Congressional candidate Bruce Davis

June 25th / 26th

  • Salute to Goodwill Industries of NWNC

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