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Triad Today edition for September 16 / 17, 2023

Jim Longworth and guests discuss wellness exams, school bus safety, and farm education.


Triad Today edition for September 9 / 10, 2023

Jim Longworth and guests discuss women’s health, tourism and predicting weather.


Triad Today edition for September 2 / 3, 2023

Jim Longworth and guests discuss fighting crime, new homes and pediatric care.


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September 19, 2023:
“Pets Continue to Suffer from Vet Shortage”

An injured dog receiving veterinary care“On a recent Sunday morning our dog Albert was clearly in distress. We took him to a Greensboro 24-hour emergency vet clinic. But we were told there was no one on staff who could perform surgery. We were given a list of other emergency vets to call, but each were either closed or had no surgeon available. Albert was not long for this world when I found Dr. Joseph Kinnarney of Reidsville Veterinary Hospital.”


September 12, 2023:
“Lucy and Desi’s ‘Son’ to Perform in Mt. Airy”

Keith Thibodeaux today“Keith Thibodeaux played ‘Little Ricky’ on I Love Lucy, then went on to play drums for Christian rock band David and the Giants, who will perform next weekend as part of Mt. Airy’s annual Mayberry Days celebration.”


September 5, 2023:
“Meredith Baxter to Speak in Greensboro to Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Research”

Meredith Baxter“‘TV Mom’ Meredith Baxter twice fought cancer, but today at the age of 76, she is cancer-free. She is just about the nicest person I’ve ever met, and despite her celebrity, she remains unpretentious. And she’s coming next month to Greensboro to promote early breast cancer testing.”


A service dog helping his owner at a swimming pool

August 29, 2023:
“Service Dogs vs. Support Animals”

“We have three dogs, and we cater to their every whim. In other words, we ‘service’ our pets. In return, they provide us with ‘emotional support’. Which brings up the difference between service and support when it comes to animals, and why Publix grocery stores are caught in the middle of a controversy over the two designations.”


1955 photo by David Jackson of Jet Magazine showing Emmitt Till's mother, Mamie Till-Mobley looking down at her dead son's beaten and disfigured body

August 22, 2023:
“Above All, Racists Are Cowards”

“On August 1st, a national monument was erected to honor Emmitt Till, who was lynched in 1955. At that ceremony, there was hope among some of us stupidly naïve Americans that we might see an end to violent racism in our lifetime. Sadly, not only are race relations still bad, they are in some ways, even worse than in 1955.”


Topics on upcoming shows for September 2023

September 23 / 24

  • Workforce development
  • Mt. Airy events
  • Reviewing your insurance policy


September 30 / October 1

  • Report from Congress with Rep, Kathy Manning and Senator Ted Budd


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