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September 19/20, 2020


September 12/13, 2020


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September 15, 2020:
“Young People are Sustaining COVID-19”

A group of coronaviruses floating around the Old Well on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill‘Kids. You can talk and talk till your face is blue, but they still do just what they want to do.’ They’re supposed to know right from wrong. They’re supposed to know not to engage in Tide-pod eating contests, but they do. They’re supposed to know not to drive drunk, but they do. So it should come as no surprise that ‘outbreaks [of COVID-19] around the world are due to the actions of younger people.’


September 1, 2020:
“Trump and the Dreaded “S” Word”

Street sign showing the intersection of Capitalism and Socialism“Donald Trump has been using the dreaded “S” word to stoke fear among voters for the past four years. We all embrace and rely on some form of socialism every day of our lives, but the problem is that Trump isn’t one to let the facts get in the way of a good story.”


Ballot Box with US Postal Service logo

August 25, 2020:
“Postmaster Blows It, Then Backpedals”

“‘An upper crust, GOP fundraising businessman from Greensboro is picked to be Trump’s Postmaster General, and before you know it, Louis DeJoy has disrupted, defunded, and demoralized the United States Postal Service just in time to set up a contested Presidential election.”


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September 26th / 27th

Our 800th episode!

  • UNCG Chancellor Frank Gilliam
  • David Daggett & Griff Shuler
  • News from High Point Theatre


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