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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

June 11, 2019:
“Shame on Facebook”

“Congress needs to regulate social media the same way it regulates the broadcast media. And when those regulations are violated, offenders like Facebook should be shut down by the federal government, the same way the FCC can pull the license from an offending TV station.


Sportswriter and TV host Tony Kornheiser on the set of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption in 2010

June 4, 2019:
“ESPN Host Headed Here for HOF”

“Forget Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Tony Kornheiser is the hippest septuagenarian on planet Earth. Mr. Kornheiser is coming to Winston-Salem for the National Sports Media Association’s annual gathering, to be inducted into the NSMA Hall of Fame.


Democrat presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris

May 28, 2019:
“Kamala Kracks Down on Pay Disparity”

“Nationally in 2018, white women made about 80 cents for every dollar a man earns doing the same job, but that number falls to 61 cents for black women, and 53 cents for Latina women. Even worse, the pay gap isn’t expected to close until the year 2060.


Drawing of a gun on a blackboard

May 21, 2019:
“School Lock-Downs Coming Too Late”

“Politicians love to declare ‘war’ on social problems. We’ve had a war on AIDS, a war on hunger, and now, a war on opioids. Declaring such wars gives us a definable enemy to fight and the means to eradicate it, which begs the question: why haven’t we declared war on school shootings?”


Topics on upcoming shows for June 2019

June 15th / 16th

  • Hospice programs
  • News from UNCG
  • Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan


June 22nd / 23rd

  • Industries for the Blind
  • Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
  • Choosing a surgeon


June 29th / 30th

A Salute to UNCG Athletics and news about the capital campaign

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