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Ross Perot in the 1990s

July 16, 2019:
“Ross Perot: Profit and Patriot”

“Perot was the only candidate who made the economy and our growing deficit a central focus of the 1992 presidential campaign. And while history will show that Perot got nearly 20% of the popular vote, that doesn’t tell the real story of his rise to prominence, and how much of a threat he posed to Bush and Clinton early on.”


Senator Kamala Harris

July 2, 2019:
“Trump and the Democratic Debates”

“Said Kamala Harris, ‘America [wants] to know how they’re going to put food on their table.’ But the day before, Democrats allocated 4.5 billion dollars to care for detained illegal children, while there are 15.5 MILLION American children citizens who are living in poverty. So much for Harris’ ‘food on the table’ quip.”


Topics on upcoming shows for July 2019

July 20th / 21st

  • Foster care for kids
  • Workforce development
  • Museum of Early Southern Decorative Art


July 27th / 28th

Encore Presentation of Tribute to NASCAR legend Richard Petty


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