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May 11/12, 2019


May 4/5, 2019


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May 14, 2019:
“My Picks for Best of the Triad

“Since this week’s issue of Yes! Weekly is the annual Triad’s Best issue, Charles Womack, the publisher, asked me to add my two cents worth to the festivities. Here, in no particular order, are some of my picks for Triad’s Best.


The words 'black history' written on a chalkboard

May 7, 2019:
(Black) History Matters

“I don’t think we need a mandatory course on Black history, or White history, or Asian history. What we need is a more comprehensive and inclusive American history curriculum beginning in the primary grades, and continuing on into high school. We simply can’t afford to turn out another generation of uninformed citizens.”


Topics on upcoming shows for May 2019

May 18th / 19th

  • Food Bank campaign
  • Upcoming performances at High Point Theatre
  • Selecting a surgeon


May 25th / 26th

  • Actors Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin
  • Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
  • Caring for kids
  • News from Randolph Community College

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