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July 24/25, 2021
Salute to Higher Education


July 17/18, 2021


July 10/11, 2021


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July 20, 2021:
“Political correctness could lead to Trump 2.0”

A sign indicating a restaurant is politically incorrect“Biden and the Left need to focus more on improving quality of life for everyone, and less on promoting gender prefixes for a few.”


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July 6, 2021:
“Chevy Chase Marks 50 Years on TV”

“I first met the versatile actor/comedian Chevy Chase at the EMMY Award Governors Ball in 2009. We reconnected recently and talked at length about his television career, comedy influences, politics, the press, and the slings and arrows he has endured along the way.”


NC State baseball head coach Elliott Avent

June 29, 2021:
“Wolfpack Lax on Vax”

“My late father used to say, “That guy just don’t believe sh*t stinks.” Were he alive today, Dad would be applying this admonishment to anyone who denies the realities of COVID. And if more people don’t get vaccinated soon, we could very well see a return to overloaded ERs and closed restaurants. Anyone who doesn’t believe this could happen has a serious problem with their sense of smell.”


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July 31/August 1

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