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August 17/18, 2019


August 10/11, 2019


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former state senator Trudy Wade

August 20, 2019:
“Wade’s Bad Bills Still Affecting Guilford”

“Senator Wade used her office to intimidate the press and interfere with local government, so her failed re-election bid was welcome news. But while Wade is no longer a legislator we’re still dealing with the fallout from her vindictive ‘legislative overreach.’”


A confiscated gun

August 13, 2019:
“It’s Time to Use the ‘C” Word’

“There are more guns in America than there are people. So even if you ban the sale of assault-style rifles and semi-automatic handguns, anyone who is hell-bent on killing people need only to beg, borrow, or steal one of the 357 million guns already in circulation.”


Sign at ERA demonstration in the 1970s

August 6, 2019:
“ERA Still Possible, Still Needed”

“Of the thirteen states still opposed to the Equal Rights Amendment, I think North Carolina is the most likely to change course, and become the 38th and clinching state to ratify it.”


Topics on upcoming shows for August 2019

August 24th / 25th

  • Black Philanthropy Month
  • Food bank campaign
  • Foster care for kids


August 31st / September 1st

UNCG fund raising campaign for athletics


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