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Unemployment statistics on a chart

February 13th, 2018:
Can We Have 0% Unemployment?

“The rate of unemployment nationwide is 4.1%. But among African Americans, unemployment is 7.9%; for Hispanics it’s almost 9%, and for teens it’s 15%. Why shouldn’t the jobless rate be the same for everyone?” [more]

Opioid pill

February 6th, 2018:
Stop Blaming Prescription Opioids

“Are companies who make pain pills to blame for people abusing those pills? What’s next, blaming the pills themselves for being ingested? Actually, yes.” [more]

Sign at airport with Piedmont Triad crossed out, Central North Carolina instead

January 30th, 2018:
Airport Name Not the Problem

“Earlier this year, the local airport authority board voted to drop the name Piedmont Triad International in favor of Central North Carolina International. In the words of the immortal Gomer Pyle, ‘What a dumb thing to do!’” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows for January 2018

February 17th / 18th

  • Mobile Health Clinic
  • Grief Support
  • Education summit
  • Support for cancer patients

February 24th / 25th

  • Science Everywhere
  • Old Salem project
  • Girl Scouts programs
  • Upcoming shows at High Point Theatre


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