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April 10/11, 2021


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April 6, 2021:
“Gun Violence Solutions Moot for Now”

A hand aiming a handgun, superimposed over a US flag with a bullet hole“Our political leaders are working at cross purposes. While Biden is considering taking executive action to ban certain weapons, state legislatures are making it easier to own and carry a gun.”


Professor, musician and theater director Dan Seaman

March 30, 2021:
“Theatre endowment named for Seaman”

“The late great Ernie Banks, a Hall of Fame baseball player, once said, “the measure of a man is in the lives he’s touched.” If that’s true, then Daniel Seaman must be one of the most successful men in Heaven.”


The historical marker sign for the Greensboro Massacre

March 23, 2021:
“Melvin and Elon: Saga of a Portrait”

“I have nothing but contempt for public figures who spent their lives spewing racism. If we need to blast a bigot’s name from the front of a building in order to promote racial unity, then so be it. But context is everything, and that brings me to the recent calls to remove a portrait of a former Greensboro mayor from Elon’s School of Law.”


Topics on upcoming shows for April 2021

April 17 / 18

  • Bike safety for kids
  • Salute to community colleges
  • Botanical garden celebrates anniversary
  • The importance of nursing


April 24 / 25

  • Former Congressman Mark Walker
  • COVID vaccine update
  • Upcoming theatre events
  • Caring for seniors


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