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Knights of the Round Table

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ACC commissioner John Swofford

September 20th, 2016:
ACC/NCAA Playing Politics

“It is an understatement to say that recent sanctions by the NCAA and ACC have a lot of people upset. After all, we’ll forfeit over $150 million from the loss of those championship events alone.” [more]

CNN logo screenshot

September 13th, 2016:
I’m Sick of CNN Surrogates

“CNN’s fall from journalistic grace is never more evident than it is in an election year, when the network trots out a stable of partisan surrogates to fill up the airwaves.” [more]

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein

September 6th, 2016:
Jill Stein for President

“Stein is thoughtful and articulate, projects a genuine compassion for others, believes in what she says, and never changes her message. In short, Dr. Jill Stein would make an excellent president.” [more]

Topics on upcoming shows

September 24th / 25th

  • The NC Zoo shows off a python
  • Kim Roberts and GO RED for women
  • Crosby scholars
  • Workforce development at Randolph Community College

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