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Greensboro Police Chief Brian James

May 19, 2020:
“Brian James: Homegrown Crimefighter”

“Back on February 1, before the COVID-19 crisis hit the state, Greensboro actually had some good news to celebrate. That’s the day Brian James, a Greensboro native and graduate of Page High School and NC A&T, was sworn in as the city’s 23rd Chief of Police.”


A crumpled white paper with the words WHITE GUILT

May 12, 2020:
“Sometimes I’m Ashamed to Be White”

“I can’t blame my Black neighbors for the pain and anger they must be feeling toward Southern men who happen to share my skin color, after they’ve just watched another video of another unarmed Black man shot down in cold blood by another group of White racists. There are no words I can say to make things better.”


Two people staring into a chasm dividing them

May 5, 2020:
“Divisiveness Is a Virus Too”

“Last week, my column, ‘Cooper’s Shell Game Could Ruin Us’, brought in a deluge of hate mail, and you would have thought I had sold uranium to the Russians. Somehow this society has forsaken tolerance and civil discourse in favor of partisanship and bullying, and that saddens me.”


NASCAR driver Kyle Larson

April 28, 2020:
“NASCAR Is Also an N-Word”

“Generally speaking, racist words don’t just slip out accidentally, nor have the feelings behind those words just suddenly surfaced for the first time. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. commented that, ‘If you don’t have that word in your vocabulary, you don’t have to be careful. If it’s not something you use, you never have to be concerned.’”


Topics on upcoming shows for May 2020

May 23rd / 24th

  • Hotel industry emerging from pandemic
  • Understanding child custody
  • Piedmont Renewal Network
  • Housing studies


May 30th / 31st

  • Local COVID-19 research
  • Computer-integrated machining
  • Girl Scouts
  • Community service


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