Trump’s Accomplishments Are Undeniable

President Trump making a face

Americans don’t agree on much of anything anymore. We seem to be sharply divided along party lines on every issue. We can, however, agree on one thing: Donald Trump is a polarizing figure who succeeds where others have failed. Love him or hate him, he is a force of nature who defied pollsters, pundits, and the odds by winning the White House, and he deserves credit where credit is due.

Like all of us, Donald Trump is flawed, but his flaws are, to use a Trumpian phrase, HUGE. For example, dozens of mental health professionals have concluded that he suffers with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a disease for which the Mayo Clinic says there are twenty major symptoms, and Trump displays all of them.  He is ill-informed about policy matters and has little patience to learn about them. He is a bully who mocks people he doesn’t like, including disabled persons, POW’s, sexual assault victims, and even members of his own cabinet. His extemporaneous remarks at public functions are often rambling, incoherent, and inappropriate. Who else but Donald Trump would begin a major address to the United Nations by bragging about himself, or announce at a press conference that Chinese leaders say he has a “very large brain”. He is also a misogynist who once bragged about being empowered to grab women by their private parts. He also displays racist tendencies, saying that many of the White Supremacists at Charlottesville were “very fine people.”, and referring to an African American supporter at one of his rallies as, “My Black.” Trump lives in his own bubble, and believes that if he says something, it must be true. But this past February, Esquire’s, Tom Nicholson reported that Trump had told 3,001 lies in his first twelve months in office. Trump is also childishly vindictive. If you heap praise on him, then you are a great person, but if you disagree with him on something, you are either fired or denigrated. OK, so those are some flaws of Trump the man. But what about Trump the President?

Like it or not, President Donald Trump has had an extraordinary record of successes, and he hasn’t even been in office for a full two years. Here are just a few of his accomplishments:

According to, unemployment is the lowest in 16 years, we’ve had a 31% growth in the US stock market, and, thanks to Trump’s new tax plan and push to bring back jobs from overseas, companies are putting more money into our economy. For example, Apple is now paying an additional $38 million dollars in taxes.

According to, President Trump reduced the US debt by $100 billion dollars in his first 100 days. The manufacturing index has hit a 33 year high. Houses that used to take 85 days to sell, are now on the market for an average of just 45 days. Illegal immigration is down by 67%, we’ve cut funding for sanctuary cities, and the White House recently announced that next year, we’ll only allow 30,000 refugees into the country, as compared with Obama’s 80,000 in his last year as President. Trump has signed 30 Executive Orders in his first 90 days, and he has enacted 28 new laws in his first 100 days.

Internationally, Trump has stopped paying on the $230 million dollar package to rebuild Syria. He has normalized relations with North Korea and averted a potential nuclear conflict. He has negotiated a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico which ends ridiculously high tariffs on US products, and he established friendly relations with China, while vowing to reduce the gravy train trade deficit that has put $500 Billion dollars in Chinese coffers each year. He has persuaded UN member nations to pony up their fair share of dues, and he moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Mr. Trump has had his share of personnel problems, but he’s also managed to hire a woman to lead the CIA (a first for that agency), and he’s placed two justices on the Supreme Court, while appointing 23 federal judges and 12 appellate judges.

It’s easy to see why Republicans are energized about the mid term elections, because their fearless leader has delivered on just about every radical promise he ever made on the campaign trail. Imagine that. A President who says what he’s going to do, then does it. If he were anyone else, we’d all probably be praising Trump for his many accomplishments, but his conduct keeps getting in the way of his message, and that may factor into the mid terms as well.


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