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Representatives Kathy Manning and Ted Budd on the set of Triad Today with Jim Longworth
Turn on the news and you’ll hear plenty of political infighting, partisan bickering, name-calling, and vitriolic discourse coming from Washington. What you hardly ever hear or read about, however, are details about important legislation that can affect our daily lives, regardless of whether you are liberal or conservative. That’s why this weekend’s episode of Triad Today is giving viewers an opportunity to hear directly from elected officials and learn about new and proposed laws that they have introduced or supported on our behalf.

This Saturday and Sunday, 6th District Congresswoman Kathy Manning and United States Senator Ted Budd discuss the merits and status of nearly two dozen pieces of legislation, and how those laws can impact our collective quality of life. Here are some highlights from the upcoming broadcast.


Inflation Reduction Act

Manning: This brought down the cost of healthcare premiums, capped out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications, and lowered the cost of insulin for seniors. It has also helped to bring down the cost of insulin for everybody.


Middle-Class Borrower Protection Act

Budd: What the Biden administration wants to do is charge middle-class borrowers with good credit a fee to offset those who have not been as responsible by protecting their credit score, and that’s bad policy. This bill protects those middle-class borrowers.


Mental Health Wellness in Schools Act

Manning: We have a mental health crisis in our students, so my bill would integrate mental health education and services into the wellness programs that are already taking place in our schools.


Veterans Protection from Fraud Act

Budd: Unfortunately, there are some bad actors who want to take advantage of veterans in their time of need, so this will enhance the punishment against those people. That means longer jail time and bigger fines if they target our veterans. We want to protect those who have protected us.


The PACT Act

Manning: This Act makes sure that veterans can get the healthcare they need for those people who have been exposed to toxins, and it streamlines the process for applying for those benefits.


Small Business Loans

Budd: We want small businesses to be able to use the SBA 7A loan money to re-invest in their company, to put in technology, and put in good systems that can help them compete with bigger companies and grow the local economy.


The Affordable Connectivity Program

Manning: We have more than 400,000 people in North Carolina who did not have access to the internet during COVID. This program has already helped 60,000 people in the 6th district with a $30-per-month credit to help afford internet service.


This special Voter Education edition of Triad Today airs Saturday at 7:30 a.m. on abc45 and Sunday at 11 a.m. on MY48. It will also stream on WFMY+. The program was made possible in part by Truliant Federal Credit Union. For more information on current legislation, visit and


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