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JFK and the First Thanksgiving

Posted November 24, 2020 By Triad Today
President John F. Kennedy

Presidents are only human, so they make mistakes. Bill Clinton hooking up with Monica Lewinski, or Donald Trump calling neo-Nazis “very fine people.” I’m talking about John Kennedy, and how he misread history, unintentionally insulted the Commonwealth of Virginia, and was compelled to make amends. The story begins on Wednesday December 4, 1619. That’s the […]

Late Counts, Sex, and a Middle Finger

Posted November 17, 2020 By Triad Today
A map of the southeast United States with a mottled red-and-blue pattern covering North Carolina

Not too many years ago, North Carolina was considered to be a politically inconsequential state. That’s because our voting patterns were predictable, and our presidential primaries were held so late that we hardly ever figured into the nominating process. But as our population grew in both numbers and diversity, we became known as a “purple” […]

No One Stole the Election

Posted November 10, 2020 By Triad Today
A Stop the Steal sign at a post-election rally

Soon after the polls closed, I emailed YES Weekly publisher Charles Womack and editor Katie Murawski to let them know I would not be turning in a column for this week’s paper. For one thing, I wanted to write about how our state performed on election day, but since military and overseas ballots won’t even […]

Angela, We Hardly Knew Ye

Posted November 3, 2020 By Triad Today
Dr. Angela Hairston, superintendent of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

In May of 2018, the Broad Center, a nationally respected organization that develops and assists educators, published a report subtitled, “Big-District Superintendents Stay in Their Jobs Longer Than We Think.” That report concluded that an average school superintendent’s tenure is six years. Dr. Angela Hairston must not have received her copy of that report, because […]

Huffman Challenges Budd in Newly Formed 13th District

Posted October 27, 2020 By Triad Today
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Thanks to this year’s legislative exercise in gerrymandering, the newly formed 13th Congressional District now stretches across all or part of ten counties, including Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Davidson, Davie, Iredell, Lee, Person, Randolph, and Rowan. What hasn’t changed is the political make-up of the district, which, like its predecessor, remains strongly Republican. That’s why incumbent […]

Manning, Haywood Running in Newly Formed 6th District

Posted October 20, 2020 By Triad Today
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A year ago, Republican incumbent Mark Walker fully expected to be running for re-election in 2020, but thanks to some very strange gerrymandering by members of his own party, the 6th District was re-drawn, and Walker had little chance of retaining his seat. That’s because Democrats far outnumber Republicans within the new boundaries, which include […]

Cunningham, Tillis M.I.A.

Posted October 13, 2020 By Triad Today
ballot box

“The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray,” so wrote Robert Burns, a Scottish poet who, in 1786 was imagining North Carolina’s 2020 race for United States Senate. The Cunningham/Tillis match-up has been highly anticipated because the eventual winner could affect the balance of power in Washington. Former state senator Cal Cunningham […]

Causey, Goodwin Compete for Insurance Post

Posted October 6, 2020 By Triad Today
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This year, the news media has been focused on the presidential election, and understandably so. Here in North Carolina, we’ve also been bombarded with ads about candidates for the House, Senate, and state legislature. But ask most people who’s running for State Insurance Commissioner, and you’ll get a blank stare. It’s ironic because very few […]

Grandberry Getting Out the Vote

Posted September 29, 2020 By Triad Today
Keith Grandberry

I once asked the Reverend Jesse Jackson if voter apathy was the biggest threat to our democracy. “No,” he said. “The biggest threat is voter suppression.” Unfortunately, Jackson’s assessment has become all too real. In some states, minorities are purged from the voter rolls because they didn’t cast a ballot in a previous election. In […]

College Guarantee Program in Full Swing

Posted September 22, 2020 By Triad Today
Main building at Forysth Tech Community College
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