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DWI laws, Justice System a Deadly Combination

Posted July 10, 2018 By Triad Today
Drunk driver Taylor Roberts

No matter how you spin or manipulate the statistics, and despite heroic efforts by a number of organizations and agencies, the fact is that drunk driving is still a huge problem. The Centers for Disease Control calculates that intoxicated drivers get behind the wheel no less than 112 million times per year, and that translates […]

ATV Laws Must Change

Posted July 3, 2018 By Triad Today
ATV accident survivor Tyler Hughes

Last week I taped a segment for Triad Today that focused on the prevention of childhood injuries. My guest, a noted Pediatric Injury Prevention Coordinator at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, suggested, among other things, that parents keep their children away from all-terrain vehicles. Coincidentally, before that segment could air, the Winston-Salem Journal ran a […]

Media Inflames Child Immigrant Problem

Posted June 26, 2018 By Triad Today
Immigrant children at the "Ursula" Detention Center in McAllen, Texas

Earlier this month the mainstream media decided to hype the plight of illegal child immigrants, but what most news outlets failed to report is that families from Central America have been sneaking into the United States for years, and, under President Obama, were often deported. No doubt President Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy (prosecution over deportation) […]

Trudy Wade’s “Enemies” Are Fighting Back

Posted June 19, 2018 By Triad Today
NC state senator Trudy Wade as a squawking parrot

Last week President Trump announced that the news media are America’s biggest enemy. Thus far, however, Mr. Trump has only attacked his enemies with words. Not so with former President Richard Nixon who actually compiled a written list of enemies, and planned to punish them with IRS audits and other forms of government harassment. Fortunately, […]

No More “Dr.” Cosby

Posted June 12, 2018 By Triad Today
Bill Cosby in 2018

Earlier this month the UNC Board of Trustees voted to rescind Bill Cosby’s honorary degree. Their decision came just weeks after the once-beloved comedian was convicted on three counts of sexual assault against a former female employee of Temple University. UNC was one of the last hold-outs among colleges who had stripped Cosby of his […]

Roseanne and the Blame Game

Posted June 5, 2018 By Triad Today
Actress Roseanne Barr in 2018

Down through the ages, school children have been known to blame someone or something else for their own shortcomings. Some of their more common excuses are: “I left my book report at home”, “I couldn’t study for the test because our electricity went out”, and their gold-standard excuse, “The dog ate my homework.” Fortunately, most […]

Remembering Clint Walker

Posted May 29, 2018 By Triad Today
Actor Clint Walker

As the lead character in the TV series Cheyenne, Clint Walker was often called upon to rescue a damsel in distress. It was a gesture that came easy to the 6’6” bodybuilder. But for Clint, helping people wasn’t just an act, it was in his DNA, so much so that he once rescued a real […]

Jesse Jackson to Guest on Triad Today

Posted May 22, 2018 By Triad Today
Rev. Jesse Jackson on the set of Triad Today

The Reverend Jesse Jackson was born in Greenville, South Carolina, but folks in these parts claim him as a native son because he graduated from NC A&T State University. In fact, Jackson will tell you that he found himself at A&T, where he was a star football player, student body president, and leader of a […]

“Be Best” is Hypocritical, Problematic

Posted May 8, 2018 By Triad Today
Logo for the Be Best campaign

Let’s be brutally honest. Last week’s big launch of the “Be Best” campaign was nothing more than a transparent attempt to give Melania Trump a noble reason for spending time away from her husband. From now on, the media won’t have to report that the First Lady is traveling separately from the President because she […]

Should 16-Year-Olds Get the Vote?

Posted May 1, 2018 By Triad Today
ballot box

With America in the throes of WWII, FDR ordered that the military draft age be lowered from 21 to 18. Soon thereafter, Senator Jennings Randolph began lobbying for the voting age to be lowered as well. According to, Randolph wrote, “They (young people) possess a great social conscience, are perplexed by the injustice in […]

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