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The Lessons of Mob Rule

Posted January 19, 2021 By Triad Today
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

Donald Trump stirred up a bunch of angry white people, asked them to storm the Capitol building, and disrupt a Constitutional proceeding. It was a sickening site to see as these Trump sycophants breached a secure area, yelling and creating chaos. No, I’m not describing the siege on January 6. I’m referring to the mob […]


Posted January 12, 2021 By Triad Today
Rioters storming the US Capitol building, January 6th 2021, photo by Tyler Merbler

Four years ago, Hillary Clinton made a statement that backfired on her. While enjoying a comfortable lead in the polls, she showed disdain for Trump supporters by referring to them as “deplorables”. Not surprisingly, that slur served to motivate millions of folks to show up on Election Day and vote against her. At the time, […]

Remembering “Mary Ann”, Dawn Wells

Posted January 5, 2021 By Triad Today
Actress Dawn Wells

In the annals of pop culture there have been three great debates: Coke or Pepsi?, Ford or Chevy?, and Ginger or Mary Ann? The answers to the first two questions may never be settled, but the third is a no-brainer. The overwhelming majority of men and women everywhere prefer girl-next-door Mary Ann Summers, a fictional […]

Hindsight is 2020: A Year in Review

Posted December 29, 2020 By Triad Today
A dumpster on fire floating in floodwaters with the year 2020 on the front

Looking back on 2020, no one would disagree that COVID-19 was the biggest story of the year, but for much of the first quarter, it wasn’t a story at all. We began the year with President Trump being impeached for alleged abuse of power. Not surprisingly, the Republican-controlled Senate voted not to convict. Trump was […]

Booze and Students Don’t Mix

Posted December 15, 2020 By Triad Today
A bottle of New Mexico State University's new licensed brand of whiskey

As we do our best to celebrate this holiday season, let‘s not forget that there are people beyond our immediate circle of family and friends who are suffering, and could benefit from our love and generosity. Party-going restrictions of COVID-19 notwithstanding, this holiday season is still the perfect time to remind folks not to drink […]

Plenty of Ways to Give This Holiday Season

Posted December 8, 2020 By Triad Today
Hand offering holiday gift to charity

As we do our best to celebrate this holiday season, let‘s not forget that there are people beyond our immediate circle of family and friends who are suffering, and could benefit from our love and generosity. Over the past decade, I‘ve been able to showcase scores of community organizations on my Triad Today television show, […]

Mask Mandate is Long Overdue

Posted December 1, 2020 By Triad Today
Women wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic

I applaud President-elect Biden for moving quickly to create his own COVID task force, and for stacking it with people who actually know about and recognize science. Among other things, the task force is assessing the development of effective vaccines, and making plans for distribution and administration of same. That’s all well and good, but […]

JFK and the First Thanksgiving

Posted November 24, 2020 By Triad Today
President John F. Kennedy

Presidents are only human, so they make mistakes. Bill Clinton hooking up with Monica Lewinski, or Donald Trump calling neo-Nazis “very fine people.” I’m talking about John Kennedy, and how he misread history, unintentionally insulted the Commonwealth of Virginia, and was compelled to make amends. The story begins on Wednesday December 4, 1619. That’s the […]

Late Counts, Sex, and a Middle Finger

Posted November 17, 2020 By Triad Today
A map of the southeast United States with a mottled red-and-blue pattern covering North Carolina

Not too many years ago, North Carolina was considered to be a politically inconsequential state. That’s because our voting patterns were predictable, and our presidential primaries were held so late that we hardly ever figured into the nominating process. But as our population grew in both numbers and diversity, we became known as a “purple” […]

No One Stole the Election

Posted November 10, 2020 By Triad Today
A Stop the Steal sign at a post-election rally

Soon after the polls closed, I emailed YES Weekly publisher Charles Womack and editor Katie Murawski to let them know I would not be turning in a column for this week’s paper. For one thing, I wanted to write about how our state performed on election day, but since military and overseas ballots won’t even […]

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