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Triad Today to Focus on Hospice

Posted July 20, 2022 By Triad Today
Mountain Valley Hospice Logo

Both of my parents were fortunate to have been under hospice care before they passed away, so I can testify first-hand that the folks who provide patients with serious illness and end-of-life-care will someday occupy a special place in heaven. That’s especially true for the team at Mountain Valley Hospice & Palliative Care. Mountain Valley […]


Posted July 5, 2022 By Triad Today
ACC logo at the Greensboro Coliseum

Ask a thousand people in the Triad to identify the current location of Atlantic Coast Conference headquarters, and most all of them would say, “the Greensboro Coliseum”. In fact, the ACC’s offices are nestled away at luxurious Grandover Resort. The man who runs the conference and works at Grandover is Jim Phillips, who is neither […]

HPU, Mark Martin, and What If?

Posted June 28, 2022 By Triad Today
Former NC Chief Justice Mark Martin

Earlier this month, just as Congress was about to convene hearings on how former President Donald Trump planned and attempted a coup, another president was proudly announcing that a Trump ally would lead his university’s new law school. That proud president is High Point University’s Nido Qubein, and his pick to take the reins of […]

Drag Queen Events Stir Protests

Posted June 21, 2022 By Triad Today
Drag queen performer Anna Yacht

The Forsyth County Republican Men’s Club and Conservative Women of Forsyth County recently threatened to stage a protest during Bookmarks Drag Queen Story Time event, in which “Anna Yacht” was scheduled to read to children ages 3 to 7. Ken Raymond, chairman of the Forsyth Republican party explained the rationale behind such protests, telling the Winston-Salem […]

Institutional Child Sex Abuse… AGAIN

Posted June 14, 2022 By Triad Today
logo for the Southern Baptist Convention

Just as with murder and other heinous crimes, I suppose that sexual abuse of children has probably gone on since the beginning of time. But there is also evidence to suggest that such abuse was institutionally committed and protected at least as far back as the 11th century. In 1051, Peter Damian, a Benedictine monk […]

Taxes and Bonds and Schools, Oh My!

Posted June 7, 2022 By Triad Today
Cartoon drawing of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton holding a copy of the Federalist Papers

In 1787, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison penned a collection of essays that were published in what has since become known as “The Federalist Papers”. The focus of their essays was primarily to promote ratification of the Constitution, but some of what they wrote also served as a road map for how citizens […]

Our Children Are Massacred… AGAIN

Posted May 31, 2022 By Triad Today
Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas after the May 24 shooting

For the past 20 years, I’ve been calling for all schools to have armed officers with metal-detecting wands placed at every entrance, but I’m always told by politicians that my plan is impractical and would be too expensive. Yet less than a week after Congress allocated $40 billion, unbudgeted, to stop the carnage in Ukraine, […]

Gun Shows Paid Not to Show

Posted May 24, 2022 By Triad Today
Greensboro Coliseum Complex managing director Matt Brown

During the final battle in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Klingon General Chang incessantly quotes Shakespeare while Spock and Dr. McCoy try frantically to prepare a torpedo that will put the chatty villain out of his misery. “I’d give real money if he’d shut up,” said McCoy. And so, even centuries into the future, we humans are willing to […]

Burr, Meadows, Cawthorn a Disgrace

Posted May 17, 2022 By Triad Today
soon-to-be-former North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn

Once upon a time, North Carolina was known for its outstanding representatives in Washington. Democrats like Sam Ervin and Richardson Pryor, and Republicans like Howard Coble and Jim Broyhill were widely respected for their integrity. Ervin got us through Watergate, Pryor helmed a committee that largely disproved the Warren Report on JFK’s assassination, and Broyhill […]

Budd vs. Beasley in November?

Posted May 10, 2022 By Triad Today
North Carolina candidates for US Senate Ted Budd (left, Republican) and Cheri Beasley (right, Democrat)

Whenever there is a large number of candidates vying for the same office, political pundits like to refer to it as a “crowded field”, which often implies that those candidates are all bunched up in the polls. Not so with North Carolina’s race for U.S. Senate, where a dozen or more hopefuls are entered in […]

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