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Law Puts More Women on Boards

Posted December 3, 2019 By Triad Today
Chart: when compared across identical or similar jobs, North Carolina women make 84 cents for every dollar earned by a man

Back in May I wrote about Senator Kamala Harris’ proposed “Equal Pay Certification” program, which, if adopted, would make it illegal for companies to pay their female employees less than males doing the same job. Said Harris, “Under our plan, for the first time in American history, companies will be held responsible for demonstrating they […]

School Suspension Policy Needs Clarity

Posted November 26, 2019 By Triad Today
Sign on a school principal's office door

When I was in high school a hundred years ago, it was not unusual for two guys to get into a fist fight over one thing or another. I had one of those encounters myself, and afterward, ended up in the principal’s office. The principal, a former coach, read me the riot act, told me […]

JFK and the First Thanksgiving

Posted November 19, 2019 By Triad Today
President John F. Kennedy

Presidents are only human, so they make mistakes. No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump’s claim that Colorado borders Mexico, or George Bush’s decision to invade the wrong country after 9/11. I’m talking about John Kennedy, and how he misread history, unintentionally insulted the Commonwealth of Virginia, and was compelled to make amends. The story […]

North Carolina Should Adopt California Fur Ban

Posted November 12, 2019 By Triad Today
Fur protesters at a rally in San Francisco

Although many of us East-Coasters like to make jokes about the “Left Coast”, and its liberal tree huggers, the fact is that California is a forward-thinking trendsetter when it comes to taking a stand on social and environmental issues. In the past 20 years alone, the Golden State was the first to oppose federal restrictions […]

Congressional Hearings Aren’t Really Hearings

Posted November 5, 2019 By Triad Today
Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The Dalai Lama might have said it with more eloquence, but it was Rocky Balboa, in the movie Creed, who said it best: “You can’t learn anything when you’re talking.” That bit of wisdom should be inscribed on a large plaque at the entrance to every hearing room in the United States Capitol. According to […]

Budd and Walker to Appear on Triad Today

Posted October 29, 2019 By Triad Today
Triad Today logo

Over the past few months, public discourse in America has been hijacked by talk of impeachment and scandal. That’s why when 13th district Congressman Ted Budd and 6th district Congressman Mark Walker agreed to sit down for a half-hour discussion, we focused on a number of issues that have taken a back seat to partisan […]

Winston-Salem Mayor Discusses State of the City

Posted October 22, 2019 By Triad Today
Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines

This past weekend, Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines appeared on Triad Today to share his thoughts on a wide range of topics affecting the City that he has presided over since 2001. We began by talking about job growth.   JL: What’s the current state of the City’s economy? AJ: Well Jim, last year we created […]

Remembering Diahann Carroll

Posted October 15, 2019 By Triad Today
Diahann Carroll in 1976

Syndicated media critic R.D. Heldenfels once proclaimed that 1954 was television’s greatest year, in part because of its literate, live dramas and innovative comedies. But 1954 was great for another reason. It was the year that 19-year-old Diahann Carroll made her TV debut, winning first prize by singing on the talent show, Chance of a […]

Country Music TV Series Was Flawed

Posted October 9, 2019 By Triad Today
Logo for Ken Burns' PBS series Country Music

Recently, PBS aired an eight-part, 16-hour documentary by Ken Burns, titled Country Music. For those of you who loved the mini-series and want to own it, you can purchase a DVD set for $66, or buy the Blu Ray for $86. For those of you who didn’t get to watch Country Music., I advise you […]

Blue Cross CEO Should Have Been Fired

Posted October 1, 2019 By Triad Today
still from video of BCBSNC president Patrick Conway sideswiping tractor trailer on interstate 85

When the CEO of a company resigns, it doesn’t usually make the front page. But it’s a different story when that resignation involves the state’s largest health insurer, serious criminal charges, and corporate cover-ups. Thus is the saga of Patrick Conway, who had served as president and chief executive officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield […]

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