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May 28, 2024:
“Mancini Still Relevant a Century Later”

The cover of the album Henry Mancini, The 100th Sessions“When asked what he admired most about his friend Henry Mancini, John Williams said, “He’s one of the nicest men I’ve ever known.” One day in 1980, I found out what Maestro Williams meant.”


A graphic depicting two maps for proposed congressional districts for the state of North Carolina

May 21, 2023:
“Group Sues to Change Gerrymandered Maps”

“NC for Fair Elections and 11 plaintiffs, who reside in gerrymandered districts, are suing the State Board of Elections, Senate Pro Tem president Phil Berger, and N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore for drawing up district boundaries that violate their voting rights”


Phil Hartman on Saturday Night Live as President Ronald Reagan

May 7, 2023:
“The Funniest SNL Sketches of All-Time”

“I’ve limited my list to the top 20, which means I’ve had to omit some really good sketches. Nevertheless, my top 20 are segments that I can watch over and over again and laugh out loud with each viewing.”


High Point Theatre director Dave Briggs

April 30, 2024:
“Mr. Theatre Exits the Stage”

“Most cities are represented by a distinctive fixture. For example, Winston-Salem has its teapot, Thomasville has its giant chair, and High Point has Dave Briggs who, for the past 13 years, has served as director of High Point Theatre and one of the city’s biggest cheerleaders.”


Video still of the moment a student at Winston-Salem's Parkland High School slapped a teacher

April 23, 2024:
“There’s Nothing ‘Simple’ About Assault on a Teacher”

“An attack like the one at Parkland High in Winston-Salem should constitute a felony because it was carried out against a ‘protected class,’ which includes police officers, healthcare workers, judges, and teachers. But not here in good old North Carolina. Here, if you’re a minor, you can assault a teacher and only be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor.”


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