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May 27/28, 2023

Topics discussed: United Fund of Surry, Children’s center, Salvation Army


May 20/21, 2023

Topics discussed: signs of stroke, a new airline at PTI, and the Power 100 Event.


May 13/14, 2023

Topics discussed: preventing back pain, scholarships and a new museum


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May 16, 2023:
“Remembering Newton Minow: TV Advocate”

former FCC chairman Newton Minow in 2006“Newton Minow, a Kennedy-era chairman of the FCC, is famous for calling television a ‘vast wasteland’, but that unfairly made him seem more like a critic than an advocate for quality television. Minow lived long enough to witness the rise of the Kardashians, Big Brother, Real Housewives, and Duck Dynasty. He may have been an alarmist back in the 60s, but his prophetic warnings about the future were spot on.”


Television personality Jerry Springer in 2011

May 9, 2023:
“Jerry Springer: Pioneer or Pariah?”

“Philo Farnsworth, widely considered to be the principal inventor of television, once said ‘Television would become the world’s greatest teaching tool. It would bring about world peace.’ Fortunately, he didn’t live long enough to see how that visionary value would be abused.”


The logos of Dominion Voting and Fox News tilted against each other

May 2, 2023:
“FOX Settles, But What’s the Point?”

“FOX has cut a deal to pay Dominion Voting Systems $787 million to avoid a trial. Probably the largest such settlement in a defamation action, it seems to send a warning to all who peddle fake news. But the victory is hollow, as FOX News is not likely to alter its behavior.”


logo of Triad Today

April 25, 2023:
“Budd, Manning to Appear on Triad Today

“Kathy Manning represents the 6th district of North Carolina, and Ted Budd is now our state’s freshman senator. During the Easter break, they both taped a special edition of Triad Today. Here are some highlights from our conversation.”


Topics on upcoming shows for May 2023

May 20/21

  • Expansion at PTI Airport
  • High Point Theatre concerts


May 27/28

  • Salute to United Fund of Surry


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