See Spot Run, See Trump Read

President Donald Trump with a crazy look

Donald Trump making a cuckoo sign
Last May I wrote about a study released by the healthcare website STAT, in which they determined that Donald Trump’s language and cognitive abilities are at 3rd and 4th grade levels. At that time, and even prior, I had noticed that the President struggled when trying to read aloud, almost like a child trying to sound out words. In fact, the only time Trump doesn’t struggle is when he speaks off the cuff. The problem is that his vocabulary is limited and child-like. A recent report from FACTBASE showed that Trump’s vocabulary is the lowest of any of the past 15 presidents. To that point, the STAT report also cited data from the Flesch-Kincaid grade level test which documented Trump’s frequent use of derogatory words, like “idiots” and “losers”. And he spews out derogatory nicknames for people he doesn’t like, just as a child would do.

Even more disturbing, Trump can’t focus on or process information. According to CIA director Mike Pompeo, National Intelligence director Daniel Coates and others, Mr. Trump won’t read his daily briefings, and will only pay attention to them if he is given big pictures to look at. Speaking of not processing information, just watch as he emerges from a meeting and has to have notes prepared for him so that he can summarize what had occurred only moments before. So what could be worse than a president who doesn’t read, can’t process information, and acts like a 9-year-old child? The answer is a president who, in addition to his other faults, doesn’t listen, can’t empathize, and is disingenuous when he says something.

Last week when meeting with a group of high school students about ways to prevent school shootings, Trump would occasionally say in a monotone voice, “I hear you.” So what’s wrong with that? Plenty as it turns out. An observant videographer noticed that the President had a small card cupped in his hands, so he zoomed in for a close-up. The card contained several key phrases that Trump’s staff had prepared for him, and guess which phrase was highlighted in yellow? “I hear you.” The man is so incapable of feeling, so inarticulate, so ill-informed, that he actually needs a cue card to tell him when to say “I hear you.”

Later that same day we also got a look at Trump the non-focused ad-libber. While meeting with 40 governors, the President was addressing the problem of trade imbalances, when he told a story about how Ford couldn’t get its cars into Japan. Without pausing, or indicating a change in topics, he said in the same sentence, “and we’re going to get rid of the bump stocks.” Say what? It got worse. A few minutes later he told the governors that what the country really needs is to arm our public school teachers. He then launched into this weird diatribe: “I don’t mean all teachers would have a gun. I want people that have a natural talent, like hitting a baseball, or hitting a golf ball, or putting. How come some people always make the four-footer, and some people can’t even take the club back? Right? Some people can’t take the club back.”

It’s no wonder that, last year, a number of congressmen called for Trump to undergo a full psychological exam. Accepting that challenge, the President had his personal physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, administer something called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), which, said Jackson, the President passed with flying colors. But a closer look at MoCA reveals that perhaps Trump’s most challenging question was one that asked him to identify the names of three animals pictured on a page. Reportedly he correctly identified a lion, a camel, and a rhino. Gee, I feel better about our president’s mental fitness already.

Let’s face it, you don’t have to be a medical specialist to know that Donald Trump is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. But never fear. At least he is brave. Last week while speaking to the governors about the Parkland high school massacre and the deputy who failed to enter the building, Trump said he would have gone in, even if he didn’t have a gun. Funny, but when he had a chance to carry a gun into battle, he asked for and received five deferments.

It’s really sad that we have a president who needs a cue card to tell grieving students, “I hear you.” I just wonder if he had that same cue card with him the day his staff told him that nearly 70% of Americans want him to leave office. I guess he has selective hearing.


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