Democrats Underestimate Transgender Issue

Transgender symbol

Transgender restroom sign
Political pundits keep telling us that there will be a blue wave in November, and that Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives. Given Donald Trump’s erratic behavior, vitriolic tweets, and questionable policy decisions (think trade war with Canada), it is quite possible that the upcoming mid terms will be a referendum on Trump himself. But for Trump haters, the big prize isn’t taking back the House in 2018, rather, it’s taking back the White House in 2020. To do that, Democrats must put up a strong candidate who can relate to us common folk, and assure us that our jobs are secure, our healthcare premiums are low, and our prescription medicines won’t bankrupt us.

Democrats must also learn how to appeal to moderate and conservative voters of all races who are easily angered by divisive social policies and obtrusive social initiatives. For example, an African American professor in California once told me that after Obama and Biden came out in favor of gay marriage, that Black church-goers became skeptical of Democratic candidates, and stayed home in droves on election day. Today, another social issue is catching fire, and Democrats have their hands squarely in the flame. The controversy involves transgender rights in public schools.

Several weeks ago, Judge Marco Hernandez ordered that public schools in Oregon must allow a boy who identifies as a girl, to share locker room, bathroom, and shower facilities with biological girls. Hernandez also told angry parents that his ruling does not violate the privacy rights of their daughters, and that if they didn’t like the idea of boys and girls showering together, they could put their kids in private school. I hate to name call, but Hernandez is an idiot. Even worse, he’s an arrogant, unfeeling idiot who doesn’t understand the startling impact his words are having on thousands of parents. First of all, no parent wants their 15 year old daughter undressing in front of, or showering with a 15 year old boy, even if he thinks he’s a girl. Second, only a small percentage of parents have the means to send their kids to private school.

Let’s be clear. None of the major Transgender rights court cases that have taken place over the past few years have focused on kids who have already gone through gender re-assignment surgeries. Instead these cases have been driven by a handful of misguided and misinformed parents who have been pushing their young children into believing that they should identify with the opposite gender, in some instances, as early as age 4. Additionally, their cause has been championed by a handful of ultra liberal judges like Hernandez, who have determined that it’s Ok for a boy with male equipment to shower with a girl who has female equipment.

And if you think parents are disgruntled in Oregon, just pay a visit to Oklahoma, where, last week, one school district had to shut down for two days because of violent threats being made against a 12 year old boy who thinks he’s a girl. The “boy” has been using the girl’s bathroom and parents with daughters have lit up social media with vile comments and threats. One parent had a twitter meltdown, and even encouraged other parents to take a sharp knife to the boy, and turn him into a girl.

Parents of all ages and races are angry, confused, and frightened about this gender-neutral, co-ed trend, and that brings me back to the 2020 election. The other day I was approached by an African American woman who happens to be the single Mom of a teenage daughter. She told me in no uncertain terms that even if Donald Trump says he is a racist, she would vote to re-elect him if his Democratic opponent thought it was OK for a teenage boy who thinks he’s a girl, to shower with her daughter. Democrats need to wake up and realize that their base is comprised of hard-working Moms and Dads who want a decent wage, affordable healthcare, and, above all, they want to protect their children. If the Democratic party doesn’t get a handle on the Transgender issue facing our public schools, then Donald Trump won’t just win in 2020, he’ll win in a landslide.


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