Haywood and Pichardo Seek GOP Nomination

new North Carolina 6th congressional district with Republican elephant

GOP candidates Laura Pichardo and Lee Haywood
Throughout much of our history, Triad area residents have been represented by at least two different congressmen. But now, thanks to various court rulings and legislative maneuverings, Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem will all fall into the newly formed 6th District, as will all of Guilford County and much of Forsyth. The new alignment favors a Democrat, so Republican incumbent Mark Walker declined to seek another term. As a result, two Republicans and five Democrats filed for the open seat, and they will seek their party’s nomination in the March 3rd primary. The two Republicans, Laura Pichardo and Lee Haywood, appeared on this past weekend, and what follows are highlights from our conversations.

Laura Pichardo graduated UNCG with a degree in economics, then obtained her Masters in business administration from Winston-Salem State University. She is a global transaction services accounts payable analyst for Hanesbrands.


JL: Why are you running for Congress?

LP: I’m running to implement a debt reduction strategy. We currently have 23 trillion dollars of debt outstanding, and I want to target that as much as possible.

JL: What are some specific things you want to do to reduce our national debt?

LP: I’ll be looking to see where we are spending our funds, if they are the best option for us, and what is the most efficient way to expend those funds. For instance, with facility services, is there a way we can implement renewable energy so that solar panels can harness free electricity. I’ll also take a look at why we are spending so much on foreign aid.

JL: What other issues do you want to focus on?

LP: I want to make sure taxes don’t go up on anyone’s 401K, and I also want to protect social security. It’s estimated that social security funds will be depleted by around 2035, so it’s something we really need to work on.

JL: Are you for or against term limits?

LP: We should have them, but I also believe the Speaker of the House and the minority leader should be elected by the people after the general election, because it shouldn’t be the same person over and over again.

JL: What is it about your background or experience that would make you an effective Congresswoman?

LP: I’ve learned a lot from my fellow professionals at work. I’ve learned that we sometimes need to improve communications, and not let little things deter us from solving a bigger issue.


Lee Haywood owns a small business which sells industrial maintenance supplies to commercial and government accounts. He has also served as chairman of the North Carolina 6th district Republican party for the past two and a half years.


JL: Why are you running for Congress?

LH: I’ve been behind the scenes for the past ten years helping other candidates and causes, and when my friend Mark Walker decided to bow out of this race, I decided it was my time.

JL: What are your priorities?

LH: I have four main priorities. One is the economy and specifically the debt. We’ve got to take care of our spending problem. The debt is at 23 trillion dollars now, and there doesn’t seem to be any urgency to bring it down. Second would be the immigration problem. I’m with Trump one hundred percent. I think we need to finish the wall and totally revamp our immigration policy. Third would be education. We need to get the Department of Education out of the state’s business, totally get rid of it, and turn that power back to the states to run their own education system. And fourth, we’ve got to protect our Second Amendment rights.

JL: Are you for or against term limits?

LH: I’m for them, and when I’m elected, I’ll serve two or three terms, and get out.

JL: What is it about your background or experience that would make you an effective Congressman?

LH: I’ve been in small business for 37 years and I’ve chaired the Party for the past two years, so I’ve had to work with other people to get things done. I believe that experience will help me in Congress. I take on hard tasks, I don’t sit back and just let things happen.


For more information, visit LauraPichardoForHouseOfReps.com and LeeHaywood.net.


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