Manning Vying for Nomination in Sixth District

new North Carolina 6th congressional district with Democrat donkey

6th District Democrat candidate Kathy Manning
Throughout much of our history, Triad area residents have been represented by at least two Congressmen. But now, thanks to various court rulings and legislative maneuverings, Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem will all fall into the newly formed 6th District, as well as all of Guilford County and much of Forsyth. The new alignment favors a Democrat, so Republican incumbent Mark Walker declined to seek another term. As a result, two Republicans and five Democrats filed for the open seat, and they will seek their party’s nomination in the March 3rd primary.

Democrat Kathy Manning is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Michigan Law School. She was a partner in a Greensboro law firm for fifteen years before starting her own business, and she has been a tireless community servant for the past 30 years, working on bringing jobs to the area, and school readiness programs for disadvantaged kids. Most recently she helped spearhead the effort to build the new Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. This is Kathy’s second run for Congress, having been defeated by Ted Budd two years ago in what was then the 13th district. Manning appeared on Triad Today this past weekend. Here are highlights of our conversation:


JL: Why are you running for Congress?

KM: Well I took on a tough race in 2018 because I was so deeply worried about the future of this country, and I wish I could say all of the issues I was worried about, from healthcare, prescription drug prices, to the environment, to gun violence, to women’s reproductive rights, to jobs, and high quality education for all of our kids, I wish all of those things had been solved, but they haven’t. Things have actually gotten worse.

JL: Trump’s proposed budget contains cuts in Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and Food Stamps. Your thoughts?

KM: I think it’s ironic that he gave a State of the Union address that was so misleading, and made it seem like he was really good for the country, but his budget shows what he is really all about, and it’s going to be devastating for people all across this district, and all across the country.

JL: I know access to healthcare is a personal thing for you and your family. Does this mean you are in favor of Medicare for All?

KM: You’re right. This issue is personal to me because of the fight I had getting the medication that my daughter needed when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Everywhere I go and tell that story, I have people lining up to tell me about the struggles they have paying for their medication. I met a woman in Winston-Salem last week who told me she had just been diagnosed with an illness that required special medication. She’s on Medicare and yet this medication cost her $2,100 dollars a month. I see this problem day after day. We worked so hard to get the Affordable Care Act in place and it protects people like my daughter with pre-existing conditions. I think what we need to be doing is building on that, building on the ACA, and I think we need a robust public option. I would start by allowing people to buy into Medicare at a younger age.

JL: What is it about your background and experience that will make you an effective Congresswoman?

KM: I have lived in this district for more than 30 years. I’ve raised my children here. I have worked as an immigration attorney, and I’ve worked on all kinds of projects to make our community better. I have a proven track record of leadership and of being able to bring people together to get tough things done. Those are the leadership qualities I want to take to Washington, so that I can get things done for the people of this district.


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